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Launching our new 3D Printing Service
In July we invested in a 3D printer, the Cubicon Style, winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2016, and for us the best 3D printer on the market. We researched 3D printers for over a year looking for a machine that would offer industrial machine quality and versatility. The Style is able to print with ABS and PLA, has an enclosed print area with a heated bed. It also has an auto-leveling feature and constantly monitors and adjusts the level and heat in the build chamber.

It’s build area is 15cm3 and the surface of the heated bed is coated in a special coating which negates the use of Kapton tape, glue or hairspray in order to get the print to stick and, when cooled, allows the print to slide off without the use of a scrapper. The printer can print down to 100 microns, all our test prints have been printed at 200 microns with superb results. Our research has also led us to believe that eSun filament will be our preferred brand, it is also the recommended brand for use with the Style. We now have the following types of filament, ABS Natural (off-white), PLA white, and ABS Orange, Red & Yellow. We will be extending our range of filaments as and when funds allow to give more choice.

In order to use our 3D printing service we will require a copy of your .stl files and instructions on what is required. You can send these to the following email address: info@jaysmodelkits.com These details will include, filament type and colour, quantity and any special instructions. We will determine the suitability of the item to see if it is feasible to print it and will inform you of price (including shipping) and print time. Payment will be via PayPal, we will send you a payment request and invoice via email. If you don’t know how to create 3D .stl files may I recommend you visit fiver.com website, the people there offer their skills and can do practically anything.

Some examples of models that we have printed with the Cubicon Style

DragonLock Lion Head Wall
Sample Nut & Bolt
Makerfaire’s MakerBot Articulated Toy

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